Madurai to Bali Honeymoon Tour Package

Andaman Islands is one of the unique places in the planet that offer multiple tourist experiences like island trip, fun in the clean beaches, forest trekking and other oceanic adventures. From Madurai to Andaman Islands your family can travel via Flight or via Ship. This is another experience not many tourist destinations can offer.

Bali is an amazing place for your honeymoon! It’s called the “Island of the Gods” in Indonesia. The island has beautiful natural spots and a rich culture. Picture walking together through green rice fields, visiting old temples with cool carvings, and enjoying quiet beaches. Bali has a bit of everything, like colorful coral reefs for exploring underwater and jungles with tall mountains for those who like adventure. People in Bali are really friendly, and the food is fantastic. You can relax at a spa, watch a traditional dance, or just enjoy a romantic sunset. Bali is a special place where love grows in a unique and magical setting.

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Bali Honeymoon Tour Package

Get Best Offers on Bali Holiday Packages with Airfare, Hotel, Transfers and Sightseeing. Book Your Bali Tour Package and Enjoy Thrilling Water Sports like Jet Skiing, and more. Best Prices Available. Best Offers. Customizations Available. Experienced Guide.

Duration 04 Night / 5 Days

What’s Covered in Bali Honeymoon Package


Known for its lush green landscapes, Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. Explore the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, visit art galleries, and take a stroll through the vibrant Ubud Market.

Tana Lot

This iconic sea temple is perched on a rocky outcrop and is particularly breathtaking at sunset. It's a great spot for couples to enjoy the coastal beauty.

Uluwatu Temple

Set atop dramatic cliffs, Uluwatu Temple is known for its traditional Kecak dance performances and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The picturesque terraced rice fields in Tegallalang create a stunning backdrop. Take a romantic walk through the emerald green landscapes.

Bali Honeymoon Tour Package – What is Covered?

  1. Accommodation: Most packages include hotel stays, often in romantic or luxury resorts.
  2. Transportation: Airport transfers and transportation for planned activities and sightseeing are usually part of the package.
  3. Sightseeing: Tours to popular attractions, cultural sites, and scenic spots are commonly included.
  4. Meals: Some packages may include daily breakfast, and occasionally, lunch or dinner.
  5. Romantic Inclusions: Special arrangements such as romantic dinners, spa treatments, or other romantic gestures might be part of the package.
  6. Guides: Guided tours and assistance during sightseeing activities are often included.
  7. Travel Insurance: Some packages may offer basic travel insurance coverage.

Bali Honeymoon Package – What is Not COVERED?

  1. International Flights: Generally, the cost of international flights to and from Bali is not included.
  2. Personal Expenses: Expenses like shopping, additional meals, and personal items are usually not covered.
  3. Optional Activities: Some activities or excursions not included in the itinerary may require additional payment.
  4. Visa Fees: If applicable, visa fees are usually not included in the package.
  5. Tips and Gratuities: Tips for guides, drivers, and hotel staff are typically not covered.
  6. Alcoholic Beverages: Drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, are often not included in the package.
  7. Additional Travel Insurance: While basic insurance may be included, comprehensive travel insurance may not be part of the package.

Hear from our Tourists

Our long-time dream of having our honeymoon on Bali came to reality with help of Madurai Meena Travels and Tours team. They listened to us and completely personalized the package. The honeymoon trip will always be close to our hearts.

Thiruselvan, Dindigul

We did a customized Bali honeymoon tour with Madurai Meena Travels and Tours. They are well experienced in bali honeymoon packages. I highly recommend you consult with them your plans so that they can give best deals on honeymoon packages.

Pandichelvi, Madurai

Bali Honeymoon Package – Special Offer Price

INR 40000 + GST Only

(call us for a personalized quote)


Bali experiences a tropical climate, and the best time for a honeymoon is generally during the dry season from April to October. This period offers pleasant weather, with lower chances of rain, making it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

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